ETI 2.0 Playtest Opportunity!

I’ve been quietly plugging away at ETI’s spiritual successor. Lots of iterations, tweaking, private playtesting, etc. Mainly, I’ve spent a lot of time working on the full cooperative version of the game and it’s coming along very well. There IS going to be a semi-cooperative version also (like the original), but that should fall into place pretty quickly once the core cooperative rules are established.

So this Friday (June 20th), I’ll be heading down to my favorite gaming haunt: Pittsburgh’s own Gamemasters to playtest the latest cooperative version. Hope to see you there… I should be there around 8 PM.

Someone else will be there demoing a game that night called, Small World. Fantastic alternative to my own, I admit!


Drake’s Flame Reviews Prairie Vs. Polar

The hobby gaming industry has changed since we first put out Nature of the Beast almost ten years ago. It’s definitely a real treat when we run into fans of the original game. Doubly so if they are reviewers!

That’s why we were excited that Matt Drake of Drake’s Flames was willing to take a look at Prairie Vs. Polar. Mr. Drake scored some review copies of the first two Battle Boxes back many Origins ago and had some really nice things to say about it (and Mr. Drake is not a man who sugar-coats.)

So when Mr. Drake says it is, “an exciting, original game that can run circles around some of the other card games that bogart all the good press” you really feel like you earned that compliment. And he has a lot more to say (it’s not everyday someone calls your game “pretty bitchin”). Please run over there and get the full Drake’s Flames experience. 

His only complaint about Nature of the Beast? “Just doesn’t get the press it deserves.”

ISlayTheDragon Reviews Nature of the Beast: Prairie Vs. Polar has just posted a very comprehensive review of NOtB:PvP! Spoiler: it got 4 stars (out of 5)!

If you haven’t seen their site yet, check it out. Obviously, we’d prefer you read the review for our game, but there are a lot (A LOT) of other nice ones there too. The reviews are thoughtful, thorough and jammed pack with insight.

We appreciate Jason Meyers’ great review! Keep up the great work!

20/20/20 Sale Extended!

Hey, happy 2014 everyone!

I have been chipping away at ETI’s spiritual successor when I get some free time in the evenings, so that is good news. But better news is that we are going to extend the 20/20/20 holiday sale for a little while longer.

That’s right! We are still deeply discounting some of our greatest hits. So what was on sale again?

  • NOtB: Prairie Vs. Polar down from $29.95 to $20.00!
  • Flat Acting down from $29.95 to $20.00!
  • The original TWO NOtB Battle Boxes down from $35.90 to $20.00! (Yes, both of them!)

Crazy? A little. Eventually our accountant is going to shut this madness down, but until then, stock up!

Nose-Deep In The Book of Faces

We’ve had a Facebook page for quite sometime but apparently it has not been really easy to find. So I got under the hood and tinkered with some settings, created some kind of new Facebook web address and probably sold my soul to the devil accidentally in the process.

The good news is that we are much more searchable, especially those of you who live outside the US. So you can like us now. Hooray!