Happy 2016, Hello 2017!

Just a quick post to anyone stopping in. 2016 has officially wrapped up the business and we are looking forward to future endeavors both inside and outside the gaming industry. Mostly we are enjoying the fantastic games out there right now… we live in a truly golden age of board games.

Go support your local neighborhood gaming store and stay in touch. You are good folk. We’ll let you know if we brew up anything exciting this year!

About 100(ish) Collector’s Sets Left

First, thank you everyone for the strong response to the Collector’s Editions, especially Tim Tix at BGG for posting our info in the ‘Hot Deals’ section. Hot deal, indeed! Though we aren’t exactly sure how many collector’s editions we can cobble together, 100 seems like a pretty reasonable number (depending on double vs. single sets). So, get a very early start on Black Friday. Heck, maybe have it in your hands BEFORE Black Friday. The choice is yours.

Once again, thanks for picking up NOtB! We are very jazzed to see it heading out to so many great gamers before we shut the Eye forever!

Got Plans This Weekend?

Nothing says fall is here like GASPcon. Well, maybe the leaves changing and chai tea and all of that stuff too, but GASPcon is a big deal around Pittsburgh. Matt and I have been going for the better part of a decade now and it is getting bigger than ever. We cut our teeth playtesting Nature of the Beast there many moons ago and, even with the winding down of the company, I am draw back to the warmth and camaraderie of these fine folk.

What is GASPCON, you ask? A smaller, but rapidly growing weekend of all things gaming put on by the Gaming Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Check it out here if you are going to be around.

So what will I be doing? I will have some Collector’s Bundles for sale (last time GASP, I mean it!), but I am more excited to play-test my new action game. That’s all I’ll say for now… I’ll be running little demos in the vendors room all weekend and I really jazzed about getting the current prototype (and it’s an ugly prototype) in front of some critical eyes.

If you can’t make it to Pittsburgh this weekend, keep in touch. I’ll be looking for some more playtesters soon!

“Why We’re Closing Shop” or “So Long And Thanks For All The Vigilant GoldFish”

Early Nature of the Beast card prototype

    Early NOtB card prototype

The other day I found this image in a Microsoft Word document from June 12, 2002. Early evidence of a funny little card game about recruiting and moving animals around a grid in an attempt to win a secret animal war. We formed Eye-Level Entertainment and that funny little card game evolved into Nature of the Beast.   

Creating and publishing games is a lot of fun. One of real joys of creating a game, or really anything, is to put it out there and see if people pick it up. If you get it right, people spend their hard-earned money on and, more importantly, precious time in a universe born of your imagination. It is an honor to see stores risk some of their own capital to stock their shelves with your games.  It’s an amazing experience and we’ve enjoyed every convention booth, gaming demo and friendship resulting from the journey.

So why shut down? Because it’s not the same industry it was ten years ago. We think it’s better. Like it or not, the tsunami of crowdfunded games has challenged every aspect of the industry and given the discerning player more great games than could be played in two lifetimes.

We formed Eye-Level because back then we felt it was the only way to create and market our games. Not anymore… there are enough companies out there that a truly great game will find home. Seen in that light, the decision to shut down Eye-Level was surprisingly easy.

Let us restate how much we have appreciated the being part of your gaming experience over these last ten years. We hope the next ten bring you some new experiences through some new partnerships.

Thank you again.  Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’ve got some playtesting cards to cut out.

And for the record… I mocked them up in Microsoft Word.

Big Clearance Sale!

We are currently running a BIG sale to help you get some great games in time for the holidays!

  • PRAIRIE VS. POLAR for $19.95 (SAVE $10)
  • CITY VS. SUBURB or FARM VS. FOREST for $9.95 (SAVE $7 each)
  • FLAT ACTING for $9.95 (SAVE $20)

Yeah, you saw that right… Flat Acting for less than $10 is crazy!

Spread the word! Well, put in your order first before you tell anyone else…with deals this good, we might not have much left in stock soon.