Praise for Nature of the Beast…


Drake’s Flames Review

Matt Drake – full review
  • “…delivers an exciting, original game that can run circles around some of the other card games that bogart all the good press.”
  • “It’s a really fun balancing act, keeping your recruitment drive going while you try to stymie the other guy. “
  • “… a pretty bitchin’ game…”


ISlayTheDragon Review

Jason Meyers – full review
  • “Variety is one of Nature of the Beast’s strongest allures: variety in cards, variety in actions, and variety in game play options.”
  • “The idea of habitat vs. habitat is quite brilliant.”
  • “If you’re looking for a smart and unusual two-player card game with plenty to explore, this just may be the thing to satisfy your inner beast. “


Ender’s Comprehensive Pictorial Overview

EndersGame – review
  • “Great artwork, quality cards, excellent theme, warm humour – just a solid entry all round.”
  • “You’ll definitely want to check this out, because it’s a novel and clever game that feels like a breath of fresh air!”
  • “It’s a terrific theme, cleverly thought out, and superbly executed, and I can’t say enough good things about it!”


‘The Daily Dope’ – The Gaming Gang Podcast

Jeff McAleer (Listen to the entire podcast)
  • “…plenty to recommend to fans…”
  • “A bigger and better presentation with helpful additions to the components.”
  • “This isn’t a simple card game by any stretch and the depth contained within is one of the biggest selling points of the design… 8.2/10”


‘Play Unplugged’ Review

Matt Eaton (Read the entire review)
  • “I was not prepared for the game I encountered. I had neglected to hang onto something sturdy before it blew me away.” (re: original two Battle Boxes)
  • “Production quality is good, creative quality is charming and unique; there’s nothing on the market quite like it.”
  • “… Line(s) right up with the quality of game we were used to, and this set will be a welcome addition into the home of any game or animal lover.”


The Dice Tower Video Review

Review by Melody and Tom Vasel (watch the full video review here)
  • “It was cool how you had to work together and watch all the animals and make sure they could back each other up, but also pay attention to other (players).”
  • “What is what drew me to the game the first time was the fantastic artwork and that keeps me coming.”
  • “It was just a lot of fun to play… I really, really like this game.”



‘All Games Considered’ Podcast

(Download 4.29.06 Episode)
  • “Nature of the Beast is what they call an ‘expandable card came’… a conventional card game that plays like a collectable card game…Meaning we don’t require you to cash in your 401k to play.”
  • “You do have a little bit of the CCG complexity with this, but of course, you also have the CCG flexibility.”
  • “I’d say that it is going over fairly well… I like it. Go ahead and check [Nature of the Beast] out.”


‘Counter Magazine’

Review by Greg Schloesser
  • “A fun and clever card game…”
  • “With three or four players, the game becomes even more challenging, as allies can be recruited to aid in conflicts, and one must constantly thwart the efforts of multiple opponents. Often this requires the cooperation of several players, while at other times you must leave the dirty work to your opponents while you quietly attempt to achieve victory.”
  • “High marks to Nature of the Beast, and kudos to its designers. They have given us a fun and challenging game, which is professionally produced and extremely reasonably priced.”


‘The Dice Tower’ Podcast

(Read the entire review) (Download Episode 44)
  • “No cards seem unbalanced, the ‘Favor/Fury’ mechanic is quite clever, and there’s a lot of strategy involved when attacking and moving. Nature of the Beast plays like a clever two-player card game; and while the luck of the draw is present, strategy reigns supreme.”
  • “It’s been a long time since I’ve been this impressed by the balance between cards.”
  • “While the deckbuilding in Nature of the Beast can be fun, it’s the game itself that is impressive; and if a player wins, it’s because they did a better job, not had a better deck.”


‘Fist Full of Comics (and Games)’ Podcast

  • “One of the reasons that this game appealed to me is because everything I need to play I have it right here.”
  • “From a graphics standpoint it’s I think a really great layout… really clever.”
  • “[Eye-Level] aren’t just pushing for the profit… they care about the product. As independent businessmen, they brought that sensibility of attention to detail to [NOB].”


‘Gamer the Podcasting’ Podcast

  • “I didn’t feel like I got bogged down in it; I felt the strategy was just enough that I was excited and interested the whole time.”
  • “There is so much personality to these cards.”
  • “The focus was on making a mechanically-sound, really balanced game… When you take the emphasis away from luck and finding the best cards and spending the most money for it, all you’re left with is strategy. You have to really out-smart your opponent to win this game.”


‘The Gaming Gang’

(Read the full review.)
  • “I liked this game. It had a lot more depth than I was anticipating.”
  • “…my favorite is the flavor text. There is some good stuff there.”
  • “Pros: Dark and funny theme. Many different strategies available. Interesting mechanics, and fairly inexpensive.”


‘Games Gazette’

(Learn about ‘Games Gazette’)
  • “…This is one heck of a fine non-ccg.”
  • “Very well produced and packaged. Rules are very clear and concise, with examples and illustrations, play is thoughtful and satisfactory.”
  • “One of the best expandable card games currently available.”


‘Gaming Report’

Thomas Riccardi
  • “Strategy is definitely a factor in this game.”
  • “I like this game a lot and want to see more expansions…”
  • “4 out of 5 stars.”


‘Geek Fu Action Grip’ Podcast

(Download Episode 68)
  • “I really enjoyed it… Once I got the hang of it, it worked.”
  • “The art on the cards is hysterical, I mean, it’s bordering John Kovalic hysterical.”


‘Have Games, Will Travel’ Podcast

(Download Episode 28)
  • “NOB is a solidly-designed deck-based game that combines resource management with position-based strategy, and has a theme that is engaging and entertaining without being silly.”
  • “The flavor text on cards is similarly amusing; I mean what other game has cards like the ‘Spunky Hamster’ whose card reads: ‘The Hamster mocked me from his roller-ball… the so-called Sphere of Doom’”
  • “It’s an excellent first effort from Eye-Level Entertainment and I’m interested to see what the future holds, both for it and for them.”


‘Pulp Gamer’ Podcast

(Download Episode 009)
  • “You can obviously tell this game has quite a sense of humor to it.”
  • “I really, really like [artwork]… It’s good cartoon artwork, it fits. It’s perfect artwork for this game.”
  • “Ranked 3.5 /5 – On a scale of: ‘3’ – Recommended buy, ‘4’ – Don’t leave the store without it.”


‘Play Unplugged’ Review

Matt Eaton (Read the entire review)
  • “Bursts with flavor, character, and creativity.”
  • “Learning to play the game was as much of a pleasure as playing it… Kudos to Eye-Level for understanding the audience! I feel loved.”
  • “If you thought Charlotte’s Web was what life should be like, or Watership Down moved you to tears, you’ll love the flavor of this game.”



Matt Drake (Read the entire review)
  • “[The starting decks] are consistent, coherent decks with internal synergies and balanced construction, so that anyone can sit down and be competitive with a deck fresh out of the box.”
  • “Possibly the most interesting aspect of the game, and one that could almost go unnoticed, is the concept of vectors… Animals can provide combat support, move, contribute to claiming land, and more – as long as the affected space in the field is along one of their vectors. The game becomes fascinating when you are carefully planning each movement of an animal to take advantage of its vectors.”
  • “Substance: ‘5’ [out of a possible ‘5’] – Balanced, strategic and deep, Nature of the Beast delivers exciting game play in a fun theme.”



Shannon Appelcline (Read the entire review)
  • “On the whole I love the theming of Nature of the Beast and think it’s well carried in these cards… With an emphasis toward the theming I’ve given Nature of the Beast a full ‘5’ out of ‘5’ for Style.”
  • “A lot of the play is also very puzzle-oriented, as is true in the best tactical games… Most CCGs seem to place a lot of their clever ‘gameplay’ in the deck construction aspect. Because of all the tactical options of Nature of the Beast you have a whole different (and deeper) sort of game.”
  • “If you like CCGs and you’re looking for something with more tactical meat I suggest Nature of the Beast.”


‘Scrye Magazine’

Joyce Greenholt
  • “The object of the game is to be the first player to fill a 3×3-card grid with animal troops (variant games offer different conditions). Achieving this goal, however, requires skillful resource management, cunning strategy, and sound tactical decisions.”
  • “A fun, challenging game with lots of replay value.”
  • “Gamers who enjoy the strategic possibilities that a customizable game allows and who also want something more than just a straightforward slugfest should enjoy Nature of the Beast.”



(Read the entire review)
  • “It’s not simplistic. It’s not derivative. It’s not tame or pandering. Most importantly, it’s not your run of the mill card game.”
  • “At first you think ‘Hell, this will be a snap.’ And then you look at the support cards, the Humans to help you out, the locations, the Fury restrictions, the Favor scale, the Dark Nature component, and you start to realize the depth of thought and imagination that has gone into this game.”
  • “It really is never the same game twice and breaks the rules for standard CCG type of play even while retaining enough elements to feel familiar.”
  • “ 2007 Game of the Year (Non Computer)
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