“Enter the animal war raging in the shadows of humanity…”

A dirty stray dog poked his nose through the worn curtains of my dimly-lit lair. “Permission to enter?” he asked.

“Certainly, Floyd, as long as you got good news,” I sighed, looking back down at some tattered maps.  He walked around in a tight circle, sniffing the dirt floor with great interest.  After a couple of laps of this ritual, he sat down, satisfied.

“Some of the mice reported seeing an alligator in the sewers near the docks,” he offered.

I tilted my head inquisitively, “Really?  Here?  Who is available for a recruitment mission?”

“Well,” he mulled, scratching his chin with his hind leg, “I can call in the monkey, two squirrels, and the police dog. The alley cat, on the other paw, is still recovering from her ‘strategic withdrawal’,” he growled with obvious contempt.

“Keep your speciesism on a leash,” I warned, “We need all the help we can get. This legendary alligator will have to wait; I need those troops for a counter-strike against Abraham tonight under the cover of darkness.”

“Uh, didn’t he and his merry band hand us our food bowls last time we tangled?” Floyd asked with his usual candor.

“During our last skirmish, the monkey tagged him with a tracking bug,” I held up a small radio transmitter, “We’ll be ready this time.  While I’m gone I need YOU to retake the docks.”  I watched him nod and head for the door.

“One more thing, Floyd,” I grinned, “be sure to take the alley cat with you.”

Floyd muttered something under his breath…

Live a life of adventure.


Nature of the Beast, the award-winning expandable card game!

In Nature of the Beast, you will take control of an animal army fighting for total domination! Be the first to fill your playing field with animals and claim victory! In the process, you’ll be solving a challenging puzzle as you try to move your recruits as permitted to fill the empty spaces in your field. Be warned though, unless you control your combative instincts you may lose everything to your Dark Nature…

Nature of the Beast (NotB) is a strategic expandable card game available in three exciting Battle Boxes. Each Battle Box is a stand-alone, two-player game.

Visit interesting places.


‘Forest vs. Farm’ pits the combative animals of the woods against the treacherous animals of rural America.

‘City vs. Suburb’ sets the street-wise animals of the concrete jungle versus the tricky animals of suburbia.

‘Prairie vs. Polar’ introduces two new armies into the secret animal wars.

Liberate supplies.

Nature of the Beast is a non-collectible card game. That means no need to buy booster packs. We give you all the cards. No rarities. Just a sweet self-contained game for two people (or four if you buy another box).
Race to fill your playing field by shifting your animals around. Animals’ movement is governed by differing combinations of arrows on each card, so as you play the puzzle changes!

Winning means playing smart to fill your field, not playing ‘whack-a-mole’ against your opponent. With each attack, you risk driving your army into the sinister region of ‘Dark Nature’. While an easy path to more power, this can lead to the destruction of your army if allowed to go too far!

The ONLY game where a hamster can take out her opponent’s playground with a gasoline can!  Nature of the Beast is a serious strategy game that you can actually get a couple chuckles from while playing and it won’t cost you a fortune to play.

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