Praise for ‘Flat Acting’…

‘The Dice Tower’

Video Review w/ Tom Vasel

  • “An excellent game for families. It’s short… it’s sweet… it’s not too heavy… it’s a very well designed game.”
  • “This one might slide under your radar and I’m telling you to look at it and give it a try.”


Board To Death TV

Video Review
  • “A lot of fun when playing with creative people and it’s a fast-paced game that can be played with the whole family. I loved it!”
  • “I agree. It’s very strategic… fun artwork… and some stories become so good you’ll wish there was a movie for it!.”



2008 Origins Demo Preview (Read the preview)
  • “Game play is quick and fluid.”
  • “The game itself will act as a gateway game for your family. You can introduce it to them at a family reunion, get them interested, and then move onto NOB and ETI and before you know it they will be paying your way to Origins so you can see all of this stuff live and in person and meet the great folks behind the games you love.”


The Old Schoolhouse

The Magazine for Homeschool Families (website)
  • “This game promotes creative thinking and storytelling, as well as strategic thinking.”
  • “I love that the game encourages creative ‘writing’ in an informal, fun context.”
  • “At $29.95, it’s a great value, and I highly recommend it.”


Shannon Appelcline

Game design expert and game designer himself (Full Review)


  • “8 out of 10 stars.”
  • “Flat Acting is a fun and light majority-control game that will probably be enjoyed most by families and by gamers looking for casual fare.”
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