“It’s kind of like a food fight, but with B-Movie actors.”

Get into the Act!

Quiet on the set?  Not today!

Flat Acting invites you to take command of a genre of actors determined to claw their way to the top! The movie studio only has enough money to make one movie and when the different genres find out they aren’t too happy about it! Your genre is about to be thrown in the middle of a riot… winner take all! Be prepared to out-think your rivals in a race to the finish!

Easy to learn! Plenty of strategy!

Players take turns drawing cards that determine which actors or props they can move onto or around the four movie sets. Each player must try to get the best spots for their own actors while keeping their friends from doing the same!

Acting so bad it’s good!

Get ready to laugh because not only are you going to get some outrageous situations, you have to come up with a story to back up your move! Imaginations wil run wild as players explain why the zombie is on main street at high noon or what the hard-boiled detective and the love-struck artist are doing in the graveyard! Just don’t forget to come up with a reason or one of your opponents are likely to call “CUT!” on you!

High quality! High replay value!

Flat Acting is highly accessible to any game player, causal or serious, and its fun theme will appeal to everyone in the family! The game includes nine different variants and four modular game boards, so every game will look and play different! So cry “ACTION!” and let loose the dogs of Hollywood!

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