Praise for E.T.I.: Estimated Time to Invasion…

‘All Games Considered’

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  • “There’s definitely a lot to this game… very much a caculated risk kind of thing.”
  • “Chris: “Good cardstock and sheets… not something that’s going to bend or break easily.”
  • “We like it and we think you will too.It gets the AGC ‘thumbs up’!”


Shannon Appelcline

Game design expert and game designer himself (Full Review)
  • “E.T.I. is an enjoyable, innovative, and well-themed game of alien invasion.”
  • “The way that the company traits interact with the research is innovative and allows several paths to victory… These traits all allow for very different gameplay in a system that’s generally unlike any mechanic I’ve seen before.”
  • “Overall, E.T.I. has great-quality components for a surprisingly cheap price… combining the good components with the fun (and well-executed) theming, I’ve given E.T.I. a ‘4’ out of ‘5’ for Style.”


Bruno Faidutti Podcast

Respected game designer (Full Review)
  • “Estimated Time to Invasion needs a lot of [space] and can look confusing. After a few turns, however, the clever and original game systems make it quite fluent.”
  • “A fun and intelligent use of a really original setting. The game systems are original and well designed, with a good mix between strategy, luck and risk taking.”
  • “5 out of 5 stars.”


‘GameBuyer’ Magazine

Review by Brian Guenther (Store Link)
  • “I didn’t think I’d find a lot of materials in the box, so I was very surprised when I opened it.”
  • “We ran through it a couple times and enjoyed ourselves. I also enjoyed the ‘Which player is the alien sympathizer?’ aspect and felt it really added a fun twist.”
  • “I’m really happy with ETI as a game. I feel like this is a game that the manufacturer has put some time and effort into the design of, including packaging and marketing, and it shows.”


‘Scrye’ Magazine

Review by Mur Lafferty (of (Geek Fu Morning Show))
  • “Fun theme; strategies are deeper than initially appear; good balance between alien and humans.”
  • “With no dice action and an auction element, it should appeal to most Eurogame fans.”
  • “ETI… shows that Eye-Level Entertainment can move beyond card games quite comfortably.”



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  • “Best Board Game of the Year – 2008”


‘Obsessed with Gaming’ Podcast

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  • “I haven’t played a game like this… so there’s a lot to be said for that.”
  • “I like the building aspect… you’re taking your little pips and you’re ‘Oh, I’m even better now.”
  • “My favorite thing about the game is actually the theme. The fact that these guys came up with this idea where you’d have organizations getting ready to defend against an alien invasion is really neat. And the fact that it’s not really that competitive other than trying to take projects until you figure out that someone’s the alien. Wow, that’s just great, I really like that.”


‘The Dice Tower’ Podcast w/ Tom Vasel

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  • “There is gobs of luck, lots of choices, and a building up of anticipation that really is enjoyable and changes from game to game.”
  • “E.T.I. is not really a cooperative game; as players may work together to stop the alien invasion, but only one can win. This causes backstabbing and fighting to occur throughout the game (which, considering players control government agencies – makes sense).”
  • “I would recommend this game to folks who are intrigued by the theme – it completely comes across in this game.”
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