“You are humanity’s last hope… unless you’ve already sold us out.”

Will you stand tall in Earth’s darkest hour?

ETI is a strategy game where 3-6 players become captains of industry in the 1960’s as the Earth prepares in secret for an oncoming alien invasion!
Through a unique game mechanic, players push their luck and test their skills in trying to be the first to complete awesome new technologies. As the new technology piles up, players will be upgrading their research facility to shore up their Defense, earn Fame, and earn advantages in future research endeavors.

This secret organization is all that stands between Earth and complete alien domination.

At the same time, all players will have the opportunity to grant favors to each other, collect votes, and earn perks as members of the secret International Space Security Agency. Do you altruistically help your colleague or watch out for your own interests?

After a pre-set game length, the Earth finds itself standing united against the Alien threat on its cosmic doorstep. United, that is, except for the one player that has secretly been an Alien Co-Conspirator the whole time! Will Earth survive this betrayal or will we be enslaved to the Alien Menace?

Choose a long or short game! Choose the difficulty of the Alien threat! ETI features flexibility to make it perfect for any gaming situation. Polish up those Gaussian Rail Guns and let’s keep Earth for Earthlings!

Note: Our first edition of E.T.I. has sold out!

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