Drake’s Flame Reviews Prairie Vs. Polar

The hobby gaming industry has changed since we first put out Nature of the Beast almost ten years ago. It’s definitely a real treat when we run into fans of the original game. Doubly so if they are reviewers!

That’s why we were excited that Matt Drake of Drake’s Flames was willing to take a look at Prairie Vs. Polar. Mr. Drake scored some review copies of the first two Battle Boxes back many Origins ago and had some really nice things to say about it (and Mr. Drake is not a man who sugar-coats.)

So when Mr. Drake says it is, “an exciting, original game that can run circles around some of the other card games that bogart all the good press” you really feel like you earned that compliment. And he has a lot more to say (it’s not everyday someone calls your game “pretty bitchin”). Please run over there and get the full Drake’s Flames experience. 

His only complaint about Nature of the Beast? “Just doesn’t get the press it deserves.”

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