20/20/20 Sale Extended!

Hey, happy 2014 everyone!

I have been chipping away at ETI’s spiritual successor when I get some free time in the evenings, so that is good news. But better news is that we are going to extend the 20/20/20 holiday sale for a little while longer.

That’s right! We are still deeply discounting some of our greatest hits. So what was on sale again?

  • NOtB: Prairie Vs. Polar down from $29.95 to $20.00!
  • Flat Acting down from $29.95 to $20.00!
  • The original TWO NOtB Battle Boxes down from $35.90 to $20.00! (Yes, both of them!)

Crazy? A little. Eventually our accountant is going to shut this madness down, but until then, stock up!

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